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Employee Appreciation: Celebrating Your Employees

Employees do a lot for our companies. In fact, they’re the backbones of our organizations. They’re the people who turn visions into reality, who keep the wheels turning on your business and your customers happy. 

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Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Just because companies find themselves in a remote setting doesn’t mean they still can’t have fun. Virtual holiday party ideas for work are becoming more popular as we enter a post-pandemic era, allowing industry leaders to host virtual holidays and virtual parties in order to maintain their company culture and a sense of community. 

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How to Prepare Your Managers for World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is Sunday, October 10, and people from around the globe will be participating in activities that raise awareness of mental health issues and help mobilize efforts in support of mental health. Mobilization is paramount: people need support for their mental health — and that support can and should come from a variety of sources, including the workplace.

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Employee Monitoring: A Reducer in Engagement

Given the state of the pandemic, and as especially as so many businesses will likely get into some form of a remote or a hybrid work environment permanently, a lot of businesses are asking one question: should we monitor our employees more?

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Engaging Wellness Activities to Promote to Employees

Corporate wellness programs deliver wide-reaching benefits that include reducing costs, energizing the workforce, and increasing employee retention. Those are reasons why upwards of 85 percent of large companies provide workplace wellness activities.

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Stress at Work

How Can Company Leaders Reduce Stress at Work?

Regardless of personal temperament or occupational suitability, no one is immune from the adverse effects of stress at work. The human body maintains its primitive fight or flight response to stressful situations that sometimes overrule intellectual solutions. These can be triggered just as easily sitting at a desk while experiencing psychological duress as in the wild. Once the brain perceives a stressor, a physical and emotional response can prove unhealthy for workers.

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Why You Should Offer Wellbeing Coaching for Employees

Wellbeing coaches are brought into an organization or office to help improve the wellbeing of employees and team members. They’re quickly becoming a common investment in the corporate world, and they allow organizations to limit downside, churn rates, and most importantly, worker dissatisfaction.

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Why You Should Offer Financial Education for Employees

The overall wellbeing of your employees is a necessary part of their health and happiness, but it’s also a necessary asset to the longevity and efficacy of your organization. Workers that are healthier, less stressed, and more satisfied with work tend to be more productive, engaged, and loyal. 

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Built for this Moment: Grokker's Employee C.A.R.E. Package

We all thought it would be over by now. The pandemic, the disruption, the uncertainty. But here we are, 18 months in, and we're still not quite sure what surprises or setbacks are around the next corner. While we're making progress towards getting back to "normal," we're feeling tired and unmotivated, struggling to feel like our old selves. As a result of everything — the relentlessness of everything — senior managers are desperate to help their employees, bring them together, and give them something they can count on.

That's where our new 30-day program, the Employee C.A.R.E. Package, comes in.

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Wellbeing Challenges for Work

Wellbeing challenges at work are one of the few kinds of challenges where everyone ends up a winner. With little-to-no cost on the employer, businesses can organize fun and engaging challenges that promote camaraderie, team work, wellbeing, and a positive work environment. 

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Helping Teams Create and Stick With Healthy Daily Routines

The key to healthy living is to create healthy habits, which are the collection of things we do, day in and day out, to ensure that we’re mentally sharp, physically activated, well-rested, motivated, and inspired to take on all of the necessary tasks that make up our often busy lives. 

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Benefits of a 4-Day Work Week

The COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked several industry and employment trends, ranging from the advent of remote work to a results-oriented approach that emphasizes deadlines and results as opposed to hours spent on a project. And despite the ongoing challenges and hardships of the pandemic, industry leaders have been able to learn from the pandemic and implement these changes to their employment strategies.

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Caring For Remote Employees

Many organizations continue to work in remote and hybrid models as the pandemic winds down, but many employees, when given the option to return to work, would actually prefer to continue working remotely. Our new guide, Taking Care of Remote Employees: The Key To Business Success Beyond the Pandemic, gives you actionable steps to ensure that your employees feel supported no matter where they are working. 

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