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You can’t improve what you can’t see. That's why we gave Grokker the intuitive tracking & reporting capabilities you need to gain insight into how effectively your wellbeing program is reaching employees — from enrollment and adoption through engagement milestones and achievements.

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Real-time wellbeing tracking & reporting

Gain full insight into employee participation with a simple dashboard that allows you to manage all wellbeing program activity and data.

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Analyze live results

Ensure your resources are invested where they have the most impact and will continue to build upon your success. Built-in data visualization tools make it easy to uncover what makes your employees “tick,” allowing you to continuously improve your program.

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Engagement metrics and reporting

Confidently share real-time, meaningful metrics with internal stakeholders and decision-makers, with the knowledge that you are presenting a clear and accurate picture of your progress.

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Incentives and challenges

Track progress, reward winners, and plan for future engagement with challenges designed to spark employee interest, promote ongoing participation, and ultimately, lead to lasting lifestyle improvements.

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Grokker respects your employees’ privacy as much as you do, so all participant data is aggregated and fully anonymous. Your employees can rest assured that while you are tracking the performance of the group, you aren’t watching individuals.

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