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Studies show that video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. So, it’s no surprise that video wellbeing content is so popular. But left to search the web on their own, your employees are likely to come across one-off, unsafe advice delivered by an uncredentialed vlogger and become disengaged.

Give your employees access to videos created and taught by professional, credentialed experts with years of experience. Grokker’s patented HD video programs are fully contextual and personalized, taking into account each individual’s physical health, mental/emotional health, and social connectedness.


Premium videos for maximum engagement

Your employees get an exceptional viewing experience with our patented, state-of-the-art HD video. Recorded in stunning 4K resolution, Grokker videos reflect the highest professionalism and credibility.

All of the health and wellness videos your employees are looking for

4,000+ videos designed to delight your employees regardless of their skill level, abilities, and goals.



From cardio and weight lifting routines to low-impact therapeutic yoga, there’s an exercise program for every interest and fitness level.



Nutritional advice and easy-to-make recipes fitting any dietary restriction help employees to eat healthier.


Mental Health

Mindfulness, anxiety reduction, performance training, and mental health content promote long-term stress reduction.



Identify sleep styles, set up the right environment, and access tools like pre-sleep relaxation techniques to get the necessary shut-eye.


Financial Wellbeing

Reduce money-management related stress with the tools for taking control of their personal finance.

Available Anywhere. Anytime.

Globally dispersed workforces can access content online via their browsers, iOS and Android device apps, and streaming services including Xfinity, Sky, Roku, and Amazon.

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Inspiration and perspiration on-demand

Up-beat, easy-to-follow, and motivating — our credentialed health and wellness thought leaders from around the globe deliver guidance, advice, and inspiration. Don’t be fooled by search-based free online content provided by unqualified amateurs!

Sue Mah

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Entrepreneur & Media Coach

Meet Sue

Pace and Go

Health, fitness & rehabilitation instructors.

Meet Pace and Go

Manisha Thakor MBA, CFA, CFP®

Personal finance expert & author

Meet Manisha

Catherine Wikholm

Clinical psychologist, author, & speaker

Meet Catherine

Angelo Dela Cruz

Health advancement advisor

Meet Angelo



You do you

You wouldn’t try to run a mile with chronic back pain. That’s why we combine each employee’s wellbeing quiz results with their preferences and viewing history to customize video and programming suggestions.

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Start small or go for the gold

View videos individually or as part of one of our 100+ goal-based series, varying from one to six weeks in duration. Whether you just want to dip your toe in, are ready to completely change your lifestyle, or looking for something in between, there’s a Grokker program that’s just right for you.

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Foreign Language

¿Puedes decir Grokker?

Global workforces often include non-English-speaking employees. That’s why Grokker has Korean, Spanish, and Mandarin content—and our international library continues to grow!


The Grokker Difference: HD Videos for Health, Fitness, Wellness and more

See why employees are more engaged with our exclusive wellbeing videos.

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