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  • 2.1.5-personalization


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    Your employees have different needs and abilities, and they need to be engaged and supported in ways that fit them and their individual circumstances.

    Grokker helps employees feel seen and understood with a personalized plan and recommendations based on their individual requirements, including:

    • Health and wellness goals
    • Topic preferences
    • Skill levels
    • Time availability
    • Engagement history
  • 2.1.5 - video


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    Consumer-Grade Video

    There is nothing more effective, more convenient, or more enjoyable than video. Video helps make employees’ personal wellbeing journeys easy, motivating, and fun. It's also the best way to reach a diverse and geographically dispersed employee base on demand. 

    Grokker is accessible from web browsers, mobile apps, and streaming services so your employees can engage on any device around the clock anywhere in the world. Your employees can access high-quality, consumer-grade content across the wellbeing spectrum:

    • Exercise
    • Mental health
    • Sleep
    • Nutrition
    • Financial wellbeing
  • 2.1.5-expert-guidance

    Expert Guidance


    Expert Guidance

    Put the power of on-demand experts at your employees’ fingertips, rather than leaving them to seek advice in unsafe and unvetted online spaces run by amateurs.

    Safely drive healthy and sustainable behavior change with content designed and delivered by trusted wellbeing professionals, including:

    • Personal trainers
    • Health coaches
    • Nutritionists
    • Psychologists
    • Financial planners
  • 2.1.5-motivation




    It takes time and commitment to change behaviors and create long-term, healthy habits—so keeping your employees interested, motivated, and engaged is critical. Empower them with Grokker's range of easy, fun, and rewarding activities and resources to help them get motivated—and stay motivated—together, in ways that work for each individual. 

    Spark and sustain ongoing activity and enthusiasm with:

    • Elements of gamification, such as friendly competition and engagement challenges
    • Participation and activity incentives like cash prizes, drawings, and insurance reimbursement
    • Reminders and prompts to keep employees on track and working toward their next step
  • 2.1.5-community




    Without social support and encouragement, self-doubt and internal criticism often derail an employee’s best intentions to begin - and stick with - a lifestyle change.

    Grokker's social community provides a motivating, inspiring environment that brings together colleagues and experts who share similar healthy lifestyle goals and interests. Employees can:

    • Make themselves as visible (or anonymous) as they want to be
    • Communicate directly with Grokker friends via the GrokTalk messaging tool
    • Access wellbeing advocates and experts, including company ambassadors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and financial wellness coaches
    • Share ideas in a Q&A format

The 5 Pillars of an Effective Wellbeing Solution

Take these simple steps to building an effective wellbeing program

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