Employees who participate in their corporate wellness programs are more satisfied with their jobs. Your challenge is how to motivate them to engage with your program.

Here are three critical factors for engaging your employees with wellness:

1. Keep it simple

A study of workplace wellness programs by the US Department of Labor found that employees are more inclined to participate in wellness activities that are convenient and easily accessible for all employees. It’s not a huge surprise: employees are more likely to register for wellness programs when it’s easy for them. But high registrations aren’t enough. To keep employees engaged, the entire onboarding experience needs to be straightforward.

That’s why Grokker Innovation Labs designed a new way to engage employees with wellness. Our 7-minute quiz gives employees immediate clarity on where they need help and how to get started. We know behavior change doesn’t happen unless we keep it simple.

Our new employee engagement tool launches in early 2018, but you can get a sneak peek now! Click on the image below to take our assessment for yourself.


2. Be flexible

Employees are much more likely to engage when given the opportunity to define their own wellness priorities. Shoehorning employees into one prescriptive program that may not address their own goals is a surefire way to ensure plummeting engagement numbers. And one-size-fits-all well-being solutions won’t create the kind of engagement required to realize ROI and meet business goals.

After a brief assessment, our new wellness tool generates personalized program recommendations and lifestyle changes to kick off employees’ individualized plans. By asking basic questions around the four essential areas for health -- nutrition, activity, stress, and sleep -- we’re able to provide a framework for employees to work on their health with the freedom to choose the programs, challenges, and experts that reflect their personal health and wellness priorities.


3. Continuously evaluate

Our new, personalized wellness assessment isn’t just for newbies. Employees’ needs and goals evolve throughout the year, so their wellness program should evolve with them. Employees can monitor their overall wellness score and get fresh recommendations by retaking the quiz on a quarterly basis.

Employers should also be approaching corporate wellness programs with a continuous quality improvement attitude. Take a page from our Grokker Impact Surveys and consistently solicit feedback from staff with the goal of improving future wellness programming.

Have you taken our quiz yet? What do you think about your score? Let me know in the comments!


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