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Fitness On Demand: Why You Need to Offer This Employee Perk


fitness on demand for employees

Technology has brought us to the age of information, the age of digitization, the age of AI, smartphones, and, yes, the age of convenience. From the advent of food and grocery delivery services to live TV and movie streaming networks, people have become accustomed to personalizing and digitizing their various needs and entertainment experiences.

These trends, especially in a post-COVID era, have also left their mark on the way people exercise and reach their fitness goals. Fitness on demand, which provides participants with a library of quality fitness videos or live streaming sessions, helps employees meet their fitness needs anytime, anywhere.

Below we’ll get into why fitness on demand should be included in every corporate benefits package today. 

What is Fitness on demand?

Fitness on demand is a lot like what it sounds like–fitness video, either pre recorded or live streaming, that employees can access whenever or wherever they want. Not only can videos be accessed online through a device like a computer or tablet, they’re often also integrated into mobile apps, providing more convenience, customization, and transportability. 

With most work-places going to some form of hybrid and remote, and with many workers still uncertain about the safety of going to a gym in-person, fitness on demand is a safe option that still ensures expert fitness guidance in a convenient and accessible manner. 

How to make the benefit of fitness on demand work for your company

There are a number of digital features that come with most fitness on demand platforms. These features can help employees reach their goals, maximize personalization, and get the kind of fitness experience that makes sense for them. 

  • Trackability/gamification
    • Digital gamification features, like tracking, engaging interactions, and rewards systems help employees reach their goals and mark their progress. Gamification is designed to reinforce new behavior with fun interactions for both reinforcement and accountability, helping your employees to stay on path to positive change.
  • Personalization
    • 80% of respondents to this Epsilon survey said they were more likely to purchase from a brand that offered personalization, which, in the digital era of convenience, makes a lot of sense. Fitness on demand provides that coveted personalization by allowing your employees to take control of what kind of fitness classes they’d like to participate in and the intensity level of those classes. They can design their own unique profile to fit their needs, goals, and interests, and the app will be able to send out triggers related to those uniquely tailored profiles. 
  • Flexibility/customization
    • Customization is a huge benefit of fitness on demand because it gives your employees the ability to design their own schedules and routines. Not liking a class? They can instantly switch out and try another one. Customization is also great for meeting niche needs; employees can mix and match sessions so they can reach disparate goals as freely as they’d like. 
  • Accessible from anywhere
    • One of the most valued benefits of fitness on demand is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This means your employees don’t need a gym pass to get into the shape of their life. It also means that they can more readily thrive in the remote/hybrid work environment, which doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. 

One of the best things you can do for your employees when integrating a fitness on demand application is to educate them about the benefits the platform offers them. Send them information directly from the on-demand website or conduct a walkthrough as a team. 

Why fitness perks are important to offer employees

Fitness perks, wellbeing support, and other forms of benefits show employees you care. A Society for Human Resource Management study found that more than 60% of employees felt that benefits were very important contributing factors to their job satisfaction. On top of that, nearly one-third of employees said that they’d rather their hard work be announced in a company-wide email than to receive a $500 bonus. 

This is all to say that it’s not just about income or pay raises. Employees want to be recognized, valued, and appreciated. When employees are satisfied in their work, recognized by their employers, and happy with their work-life balance, they will be more productive, engaged, and loyal

How Grokker can provide the fitness support your employees need

Grokker has everything your employees will love in a  fitness on demand program and more. Grokker’s library of thousands of videos will help your employees reach their fitness goals, diet and nutrition goals, financial wellbeing goals, sleep goals, and more. 

Maximize the efficiency of your employees’ fitness journey with Grokker’s gamification features, challenges and incentives, and personalization capabilities. 

Talk to an expert to learn more about Grokker’s fitness on demand and wellbeing platform today.



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