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Digital health gamification grows healthy habits in fun ways


Gamification at every touchpoint

When creating any new habit, it’s important to support and reinforce the new behavior with fun, engaging interactions for both external reinforcement and self-accountability. Thanks to a variety of triggers and rewards across the Grokker platform, employees stay on the path to positive change.

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John Doe



Wellness minutes measure the time spent performing each activity. Unlike steps, reps, or other measurements that often act as disincentives to participation, minutes encourage employees to keep going.

Levels are displayed with an employee’s profile image in the Grokker Community. As employees continue to engage with Grokker and accumulate wellness minutes, they unlock new levels. 

Streaks track activity and provide feedback and encouragement to your employees, reinforcing continued engagement.

Personal records celebrate the positive and emphasize building new habits instead of breaking bad ones.

Email and app notifications focus on an employee’s accomplishments to keep goals top of mind amidst life’s daily distractions.

Badges notify employees of their accomplishments, let them know they’re getting closer to their goals, and remind them of their achievements throughout the day.


The Grokker Difference: Engagement

Create long-term health and happiness by sparking motivation

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