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Wellness sounds like a wonderful thing, and while you might be already tuned in to a lifestyle of wellness, it’s still an elusive concept for many of us. There are lots of ways to create a healthier, happier life, but here are 3 paths that may help you find your way.

Focus on Being your Best You

It must be human nature to compare ourselves to one another, but when it comes to wellness, the best place to focus is on yourself. What choices did you make today that were good ones? Did you take time for at least 20 minutes of exercise today? Did you eat the apple with lunch instead of potato chips? Remember, self care isn’t selfish, so go ahead and focus on being a better you. And there isn’t just one definition of beauty. You are powerful, and you are responsible for you.


Think Long Term

Having a goal to look great for a friend’s wedding or your upcoming reunion isn’t a bad thing. But what happens when that event is over? What will the motivation be for your workout then? What will stop the excuses then? Having a short-range goal can be beneficial for anyone who needs to up the urgency in order to get moving or tighten their focus on making healthier choices. But it’s the long-range benefits of good nutrition and exercise and not a dress or belt size that will motivate a lifestyle focused on wellness for the long haul.

Seek Greater Understanding

I know people who love their activity trackers and weigh themselves daily. And if it keeps you focused on making healthy choices and keeping your activity levels up, that’s great! But for those who are less inclined to track things in such detail, fostering greater understanding and awareness of good nutrition and the benefits of physical activity are powerful tools to create lasting positive change. As Oliver Wendell Holmes, famous American physician, professor, and author said, “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to it’s original size.” When you actually understand the negative effects of sugar on your body, or how exercise is really the “miracle drug” we’ve been looking for, it tends to change the daily decisions we make around health and fitness. For example, if you read a study that explains how exercise is effective therapy for anxiety because it increases new cell production in the brain, you might prioritize your time differently and put your workout first. Exercise is the best medicine according to Dr. Metzl,  a sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. And not only does learning how your body works (and working your body!) pay off in improved health and longevity, but you might even enjoy it!

Tell us about your path to wellness in the forum–each person’s journey is an inspiration to the community.


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