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Exercise, Meditation and Yoga Work for the Rich and Famous



If you’re like me, when you have a minute at the doctor’s office or hair salon, you indulge in a little guilty pleasure of reading the entertainment magazines. I always check out the “celebrities are just like us” section to see pictures of the stars going about their daily lives.

And just like us, actors and entrepreneurs in the public eye also struggle with their work life balance. And, just like us, they choose to devote time to activities they love; those activities that help keep them healthy and centered.

Eileen Fisher, who founded the Eileen Fisher clothing and accessories line in 1984, talked about her journey from being work obsessed, to one where she takes time for herself and her family relationships that keep her anchored. She regularly practices yoga and meditation.

Russell Simmons, a famous hip hop artist and producer, shares that he meditates twice a day. He says it is this practice that helps him stay centered and focused on the work, not “the fruit” (success). He also shares that many of the artists he works with also use meditation to help them be more creative and innovative.

Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post founder and entrepreneur, just published her new book, Thrive. She believes that “if you create a culture in which vibrant physicality is an admired thing, you’ve achieved a lot.”  For her team, nap rooms are a place to rest and recharge; walking around drained and exhausted is “looked down on”.  In addition, she offers yoga, meditation and breathing classes at all locations.

Charles Dickens, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven all took long, many hour walks every single day as a means to keep themselves healthy, creative and productive. They may not have had gyms or yoga studios, but it’s clear they understood and respected the need to maintain an appropriate work life balance.

See? famous people ARE just like us!  Has exercise or yoga practice helped you maintain a healthy worklife balance?  Share your thoughts with others in our community forum.



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