Do Less, Not More


In today's world, many people feel there’s a particular cache in always being super busy. The perception is that busyness signals people value your time and demonstrates that you are in high demand, so everyone seems to want to be thought of as a busy person.

However, in a recent blog post by the Harvard Business Review, Greg McKeown identifies this obsession with “doing more” as an unhealthy and ultimately unsustainable bubble which inevitably bursts. He argues that we should instead focus on a smaller set of tasks that are truly valuable and strive to actually do less. A growing number of what McKeown calls the Essentialists, are focusing on doing just that.

A great way to start determining your priorities is to first de-clutter your mind with a regular practice of mindful meditation. This accessible meditation practice is growing in popularity -- Time magazine is even calling it The Mindful Revolution.

On Grokker you can discover a number of guided meditations, plus one of our newest Grokker experts, internationally recognized meditation teacher and stress-management guru davidji, has an exclusive 5 video Fostering Mindfulness series just for Grokker members to help you kickstart your quest for less.


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