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Creating a Company that Drives Workplace Wellness


company having employees engage in workplace wellness programs

When thinking about workplace wellness and wellbeing, it can be difficult to know where to start.   

  • It is important to show your employees that they are valued for more than just their labor. 
  • Demonstrating to your employees that their health and wellness are a top priority for your business will go a long way in creating a culture at your company that drives long term holistic workplace wellbeing. 

One way that you can demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ health is by implementing specific workplace wellness programs. 

What is a workplace wellness program?

Workplace wellness programs are a set of services meant to engage employees in mental and physical health and wellbeing activities that are facilitated by the company. 

This can be done through many different avenues. Below are some examples of popular workplace wellness programs: 

  • Company benefits
  • Workplace wellness retreats
  • Coordinated daily wellness activities
  • Company fitness classes 
  • Online e-learning wellness platforms 

Benefits of a workplace wellness programs

Workplace wellness programs show demonstrated results that can impact every level of your organization. 

Below are some great reasons you might consider adopting a workplace wellness program at your workplace: 

  • Recruiting and attracting talent: 
    • Having a solidified and respected workplace wellness program will show prospective employees that your workplace environment is the type of place where people want to work. This will lead to a self-selecting applicant pool of high achievers who value personal development.  
  • Team building: 
    • Outside of traditional team building activities, having workplace wellness programs allow for you to do fun and interactive wellness challenges that offer a sense of community and collaboration for your employees.
  • Show employees you care: 
    • Ultimately, you want to show employees that you care. 
    • Employees who feel supported by their employer are more likely to go above and beyond at work. 
    • Adopting workplace wellness programs can lead to less burnout, less quitting, less firing, and an overall decrease in employee turnover. 

Workplace wellness program ideas

Below are some fun ideas of potential workplace wellness programs: 

  • An on-site exercise room.
    • Encouraging fitness before or after work, or even during employee downtime, can be a great way to show employees that you care. 
    • Offering employees healthy opportunities to maintain an active lifestyle will facilitate a workforce that is healthy and focused. 
  • Smoking cessation program. 
    • It’s incredibly tough to quit smoking, but knowing that your employer has your back can go a long way in kicking this tough habit. 
    • Acts of solidarity with your employees are a great way to show up for your employees and invest in their long term health and wellness. 
  • Transit options
    • Offering ride shares or affordable transit options for your employees can show them that you care about their quality of life. 
    • This can also be a great chance to cultivate community. 
  • Paramedical services
    • Offering paramedical services shows your employees that when it comes to emergencies you have them covered. 
  • Yoga, meditation, and fitness classes
    • Healthy outlets to relieve stress are vital for your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Always remember, a healthy employee is a productive employee. 
  • Lunch and healthy snacks. 
    • Offering lunch and healthy snacks to your employee is another great perk that will not only drive new talent, but will also be an investment into the long term health of your employees. 

Other fun ideas that can help your employees to feel valued and appreciated include: 

  • Assistance programs
  • Nap rooms 
  • Wellness challenges
  • Adventures and retreats

While the ideas listed above represent great starting points, ultimately you want to develop a wellness infrastructure in your company that will cater towards the multifaceted needs of your diverse workforce. That’s why you need Grokker. 

Grokker has you covered 

Grokker takes all the work out of workplace wellness with its holistic and easy to implement approach. 

Our patented video technology focuses on behavior changing scientific approaches: 

  • With a library of over 4,000 mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and financial wellbeing videos for every interest, goal, and background, your employees will never run out of ways to connect and recharge. 
  • Employees at your organization can access Grokker form anywhere, on any device, and connect with any of our 130 experts in the online Grokker community. 
  • Grokker strives to eliminate the guesswork by providing your employees with custom recommendations, whether they have 5 minutes or 50 minutes. 
  • Our complete co-branded experience customizes your employee journey with incentive programs, interactive company wide challenges, and technology that is designed for your wearables so that you can maximize your investment. 
  • We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We offer a real time reporting dashboard, interactive surveys to track employee sentiment, and progress toward individual and overall company goals. 

At Grokker, we like happy customers and we know that happy customers make happy employees. So meet your employees where they are and partner with Grokker today for your organization's wellness needs. To find out more information about our holistic, cost-effective and easy to implement approach, check out our website and sign-up for a live demo today.



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