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Built for this Moment: Grokker's Employee C.A.R.E. Package


We all thought it would be over by now. The pandemic, the disruption, the uncertainty. But here we are, 18 months in, and we're still not quite sure what surprises or setbacks are around the next corner. While we're making progress towards getting back to "normal," we're feeling tired and unmotivated, struggling to feel like our old selves. As a result of everything — the relentlessness of everything — senior managers are desperate to help their employees, bring them together, and give them something they can count on.

That's where our new 30-day program, the Employee C.A.R.E. Package, comes in.

At Grokker, we've been experiencing everything you and your workforce have been experiencing: the malaise brought on by our current reality. So have our customers. But that's what inspired us to pin-point the solution that's been right in front of us the whole time: Grokker! Leaders need to give their people resources to help them take care of themselves, physically and emotionally, and meaningfully connect with their colleagues. And employees need to know that they're cared for and supported as whole people — now more than ever.

What is the Employee C.A.R.E. Package?

Grokker’s new Employee C.A.R.E. Package was built for this moment — a 30-day program that provides the personalized content and guided experience your employees need to help them move more, eat healthier, sleep better, and reduce their stress. It will empower your employees to find balance and connection through wellbeing and arm leadership with ongoing actionable insights.

For Senior Managers:

This 30-day, fully secure, turnkey program, offered at no cost, is designed to help you strengthen morale, satisfaction, and retention through this difficult transitional period and emerge with a blueprint for ongoing success. We know that you depend on data to make business decisions — and, increasingly, to understand your employees and their needs. That’s why Grokker’s Employee C.A.R.E. Package program has built-in reporting, delivered to you on a weekly basis and concluding with a deep-dive analysis of your team’s wellbeing sentiments and engagement behavior. What's more, a digital Communications Toolkit will help you promote the program with ease.

For Your Team:

With Grokker's Employee C.A.R.E. Package, employees get the the tools they need to care for themselves and connect with each other through wellbeing. They'll enjoy 30 days of unlimited access to Grokker’s award-winning wellbeing solution, engagement tools, and inclusive community. Based on the results of their Worker Wellbeing Index survey, which they take upon registration, Grokker will arm them recommendations for rich, engaging content within Grokker’s platform to help them thrive and feel better about their work and their life right now. To keep them inspired, they'll get a daily delivery of motivation, fresh content, and weekly journey challenges to engage them in friendly competition.

The result is employees who know they’re cared for, feel more resilient, connected, and engaged.

Show You C.A.R.E.

Grokker Free: the Backstory

In March of 2020, Grokker dropped the paywall to offer Grokker free to individuals and organizations who needed to help their people keep moving, learn how to relax and manage stress, uncover tips to keep the family fed and sleeping well, and take control of personal finances, all while sheltering in place and social distancing. We knew it was the right thing to do, and it felt good to help so many companies and their people at a time that Grokker was exactly what was needed to help people get through.

Back Again — and Built for Today

So really it's no surprise that a year and a half later, finding ourselves in an evolved version of the initial pandemic lockdown, Grokker is once again exactly what's needed to help people get through. But now, when people are struggling perhaps less acutely, they're still struggling with stress, anxiety, the erosion of healthy habits, and crushed morale. And at the same time, companies are facing a worker attraction and retention crisis, showing us that people still aren't satisfied with what they're "getting" from employers. This is the reality leaders are faced with — and Grokker is here to help with this special 30-day program.

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