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Always Do Your Best – and Meditate



I believe that if we start our day in stillness and silence then every thought, word, and action will come from a more unconditioned place. Meditation is the key, the core, the foundation of an spiritual practice because it allows us to step into the now with grace and ease.

Guided meditations can help you get a foothold. They can help you work through issues andchallenges. They can help you understand how and why you do things, and they can help you to get calmer and more relaxed. But once you have that, spending even five minutes Doing nothingwill give you a starting point for true unfoldment.


In Don Miguel Ruiz’ “The Four Agreements,” the fourth agreement is ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.This may seem easy on a first read, but then why would we have regrets or grievances with ourselves? It’s because we often say to ourselves: “If only I had…” and that is where we get stuck in the quicksand of “woulda, coulda, shoulda.” That is why meditation is so important. It gives us a re-set, a re-boot of our internal operating system. It allows us to come from a space of pure, unconditioned, perfection (at least our most divine self as we express god through our words and deeds).

If we commit to always giving something our all, then there is little to regret after the fact. I did my best – I didn’t phone it in. I did my best – I didn’t speak sloppily or act casually. I did my best – I wasn’t lazy. I did my best – I gave it my all. I did my best – I demonstrated courage. I did my best – I learned from my mistake. I did my best – I let go of the outcome and now I will do my best on something else.

Showing up enthusiastically is 99% of all achievements. The other 1% is execution. Just like a heat-seeking missile that constantly corrects its path as it heads to its target and then makes micro-corrections every second so it can refine its trajectory – we have the same opportunity with each breath we take to show up…and then refine our execution. Each moment, dying to the past and showing up fully present to do our best. If we meditate, and connect with the principles that resonate with us, then our lives will continue to blossom and bloom. We are never stuck. WeI’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji

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