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Moving Beyond Burnout: Dr. Catherine Wikholm Brings New Insight To Combatting Stress


As employees continue to balance their personal lives with the daily demands of work, employee mental health issues continue to rise. Grokker is committed to helping our members manage stress with fresh ideas and time-tested methods that lead to more balance, more resilience, and more tranquility in their everyday lives. This week, we are thrilled to announce the release of our brand new program, Beyond Burnout, with one of Grokker’s most trusted mind experts: Dr. Catherine Wikholm! This 10-day program is specially designed with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques that help employees build the skills they need to identify and overcome burnout. 

Saying "Bye" To Burnout 

Adding to our library of over 300 mental health videos, we’re excited to continue to support employee wellbeing with high quality, on-demand content. Spanning over the course of two weeks, this 10-day program features five videos each week, with each video incorporating scientifically proven strategies that help members restore energy and reduce stress. Released Monday morning, over 1,500 Grokker members are already implementing these techniques into their daily routines, describing the program as “well paced, calming, [and] helpful in discovering a path forward.” 

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Led by London-based Clinical Psychologist, author and speaker Dr. Catherine Wikholm, Beyond Burnout includes topics that range from learning about the causes and symptoms of burnout, to identifying the steps people can take to prevent burnout. From “Switching Off Worry” to “Creating A Balanced Life,” Dr. Catherine designed her program using CBT techniques and coping strategies that help members mitigate their risk of burnout and create a healthier work/life balance moving forward. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 3.40.54 PM“If you are experiencing burnout, you are not alone. Research shows that fatigue and burnout are on the rise around the world. As the boundaries between work and home life are diminishing, so many of us are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands placed on us,” Dr. Catherine says in her program trailer. Dr. Catherine received her Master’s in Forensic Psychology before pursuing her Clinical Psychology Doctoral training and qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist. In her video biography, Dr. Catherine shares, “I’m really excited to be working with Grokker because I love connecting with people and sharing useful information, in an accessible way. And I think video is a great way of doing that.”

With nearly 60% of workers reporting stress-related issues such as burnout and depression, employees are feeling the psychological effects from remote working, balancing work and home life, and lacking the initiative to go to onsite gyms for physical fitness. Employees are looking for ways to build healthier habits to combat their day-to-day stress and help them achieve more happiness and serenity in their everyday lives. 

Check It Out!

During a time when there are so many reasons employee wellbeing may be difficult to manage, Grokker is passionate about giving employees the tools and resources they need to feel supported – mentally and physically. Check out the program today!



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