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Is Competition Essential for Workplace Wellness?


Workplace wellness programs are an awesome way to improve employee health, happiness, and productivity. But these programs can only be effective if employees participate, and disappointing participation levels are endemic. So what can your company do to make sure that employees get all of the benefits of a workplace wellness program? The answer might lie in a little bit of competition. 

People are powerfully motivated by competition, rewards, and teamwork. Therefore, incorporating these elements into a wellness program is likely to improve health outcomes for employees and increase participation levels. So how exactly do you incorporate these elements? Why, using wellness challenges of course!

The possibilities for wellness challenges are endless. Well, not exactly endless, but pretty plentiful. At Grokker we’ve seen employees get more serious with their health when there are prizes and competition involved. Here are a few of our favorite challenges to help you get started!

Plank Challenge

What’s the longest you’ve ever held a plank? 30 seconds? 60 seconds? You must think you’re pretty good at holding planks. THINK AGAIN. We think you should try to get up to 5-minutes. So, every day, get a group of coworkers together and plank for as long as you can. The first person to hit 5 minutes wins!

Squat Squad

Planks are cool, but we can’t forget about squats. How else are you going to get a killer butt? Start by doing 35 squats as a group and add 5-10 squats each day. The goal? Get up to 300.

Water Bonanza

Oh water. We’re so dependent upon it for survival, yet so few of us get the water we need each day.  That’s why your body is going to love this challenge. Drink four glasses of water a day. The last person with an unbroken record wins! Don’t go overboard with it though. Water in large quantities can kill. Really.

Ok, now that you’ve been inspired, get back to your workplace and start some wellness challenges! Oh and one final tip: have some killer prizes!



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