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Experience Wellbeing, One Grokker Wellbeing Minute at a Time


Like virtually everything else in the modern workplace, Grokker’s Wellness Minute is transforming to better sync, quite literally, with today’s workforce. It’s still 60-seconds long. It’s just as motivating as it’s always been. It does as much for your health, happiness, and sense of purpose, belonging, and balance as ever before. But now, it’s called the Wellbeing Minute! Let us take a minute (or two) to explain…

Measuring success in small steps

Grokker has always measured members’ activity in minutes — even a simple 60 seconds is time well-spent towards achieving a feeling of accomplishment, of doing something beneficial for your body, mind, and soul (with bonus “feels” for experiencing it alongside a colleague or friend). A minute focused on self-care is also a building block! We know that small steps lead to big results — especially when people are supported, guided, and motivated to achieve their personal goals like they are with Grokker.

Grokker members can see their Wellbeing Minutes add up over a course of a week and use them for self-motivation. And as Wellbeing Minutes add up, they level-up. That means the number badge on their profile image increases to reflect that they’re accruing more and more Wellbeing Minutes on the platform, enjoying the time they're investing in their wellbeing journey.

Aside from the intrinsic motivation felt before, during, and after that 60 seconds of self-care, extrinsic motivators are commonly built into members’ Grokker experience. Grokkerwide challenges (like our annual New Year “Be A Better You” challenge) use the measure of minutes to chart progress and spark competition. For customers setting up engagement incentives, Wellbeing Minutes are a popular unit of measurement — someone might be able to earn a $50 gift card once they hit a threshold of 500 Wellbeing Minutes, for example.

When you add it all up — the Wellbeing Minutes, of course, in addition to the elements of gamification, motivation, and community — it’s easy to see how (and why) Wellbeing Minutes are such a powerful measurement for long-term, it-keeps-getting-better engagement!

That's why we take each minute seriously. Each Wellbeing Minute, that is.

A closer look at the Wellbeing Minute

Curious about the name change itself? We believe that the word “wellbeing” best conveys the nature — the essence — of the vision we share with our customers and members: to advance the personal pursuit of physical, emotional, and social wellbeing towards a shared goal of feeling ready, willing, and able to take on whatever comes our way. To engage, feeling valued and connected.

Wellbeing is more than the absence of illness

From an historical perspective, wellbeing is not simply the absence of illness, which was the concept of “wellness” embraced and chased by traditional employer-sponsored programs. In fact, wellbeing accommodates illness — people who are struggling with short- or long-term symptoms of a physical or mental health condition can (and do!) successfully pursue a sense of wellbeing according to their personal goals, limitations notwithstanding!

Wellbeing is an equal-opportunity endeavor 

Everyone can pursue wellbeing according to their own personal needs, goals, interests, abilities, and aspirations. That’s why Grokker meets people where they are, regardless of any arbitrary defining factor such as health status, age, gender, ethnicity, ability, shape/size, color, job title, work shift, geographic location, etc. What’s more, people can enjoy earning and tracking Wellbeing Minutes in various ways that work for them.

Wellbeing is a whole-person — and personal — experience

Wellbeing is holistic! Experiencing a state of wellbeing requires addressing the interconnected lifestyle components of fitness, nutrition, sleep, and mental health — not to mention a sense of purpose, belonging, and balance that comes from a strong workforce culture. If an employee’s sense of wellbeing is off-balance or they’re struggling in one or more areas, they simply can’t show up to work feeling ready for the day.

What’s more, wellbeing is a state of being that can shift and morph over time, from the length of a Wellbeing Minute through the course of a day, week, month, or year. It’s highly personal and therefore subjective. But one thing is true for everyone: achieving it requires doing. People have to spend time (Wellbeing Minutes!) practicing self-care.   

Ready to feel a sense of wellbeing? Start this minute. Because after all, it just takes a minute. A Wellbeing Minute!



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