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5 Ways To Better Use Your Lunch Break



There is a scary trend right now, well there has been for quite some time actually, of people feeling like they are required to work through their lunch, eating at their desk whilst tapping away and thinking about anything other that what they are eating. Not only is it a seriously unhealthy habit to pick up but it can also make you gain weight. The decrease in physical activity plays a part but it’s also down to us not focusing on what we’re eating, this lack of attention can result in us almost forgetting what we have eaten, making us feel hungrier, quicker. So, if you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin mid afternoon, perhaps it’s time to step outside on your lunch break, rack up some steps as you walk to a park or your favourite coffee shop and eat your lunch in relative leisure.

Here are my top 5 things that I like to do on my lunch break that leave me feeling refreshed and geared up for a long afternoon at work;

1 | Get in a quick workout! You have to be pretty lucky here i.e. Either have a gym on your work premises, or work in close proximity to places that offer those slightly short (but still killer) lunchtime sessions! 30 Minute sweat fest, a quick shower and change and you’ll have just enough time to be back at your desk with time to eat your lunch, albeit it won’t be a leisurely affair!

2 | Aim to try at least two new spots per week and make them a good 10 mins walk away from your office. You’d be surprised at how good this extra bit of activity is for you, especially on the way back to the office helping to step up the digestion process, meaning you won’t get quite the same bloated, carb coma that we all know and dread. Added bonus you will also be learning about your City and you never know what you might find or who you might meet!

3 | If you really can’t get away for very long. Try to find a quiet, comfortable place within your building (probably not at your desk because people will still tend to bother you!) and do a short guided meditation. Even though you can’t physically check out of your office, that mental break could make all the difference to how you feel during the afternoon. It will also help you to approach your lunch in a much calmer manner, meaning you will actually be able to take the time and care to eat your lunch slowly and enjoyably with a more mindful approach.

4 | As with everything in life, time management is key. If you find yourself constantly getting home from work and passing up on personal errands or to do’s. Then, rather than spending your lunch break focusing on work for your boss, take your lunch break, that you’re more than entitled to, and tick off some of your own personal to do’s. That way when you get home you can actually relax without that list hanging over you. Just be sure to schedule in some time to eat your lunch in a relaxed environment.

5 | Catch up with friends. Ok so it’s a lunch break and not happy hour but we can all relate to the feeling that we’re working so hard, we’re losing touch with friends and family. Feeling too exhausted in the evenings to socialise with anyone other than a good book or the tv remote – sad but true! So, schedule some time in your lunch break to make a call and ask how that family member is. Or, meet a friend who works nearby for lunch and a good catch up. You will be so glad you did and you’ll find that you are full of renewed energy when you do get back to the office.

So there you have it! 5 things that I like to do to make full use of my lunch break. Anyone have any tips of their own? I’d love to hear them!



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