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5 Clever Ways to Beat Procrastination


Getting started is often the hardest part of any task that you are avoiding, especially when it comes to working out. Even if you are passionate about something it can be hard to set aside the time to accomplish that task. 

Whether there is a tight deadline at work or you just want to squeeze in a daily workout, procrastination can creep up and stop you from accomplishing what you set out to do. 

Who needs all that drama? Not YOU!

Here are five clever ways to combat procrastination and become a more productive you.


Uncover and Confront

Addressing the real cause of procrastination is a surefire way to breakdown the distracting barriers between your mind and the end goal. Confront what makes you afraid of starting or completing tasks, and what’s preventing you from getting things done.

Stress and daily responsibilities can leak into other parts of your life, deterring you from reaching bigger goals. Something as simple as organizing the clutter on your desk can make taking on your next task seem infinitely more possible.

Set Goals

Being dealt a large task can make the completion of work seem impossible. The best way to overcome feeling overwhelmed is to establish goals. Take a big task and break up the workload into bite-sized projects. Checking off each small task will create a sense of accomplishment and make the finish line appear visible in the distance.

This approach can also be applied to your fitness goals. Need to lose 15 lbs. and increase muscle tone? Break that large goal down into monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily tasks. Reward yourself for your hard work and dedication, and BE KIND to yourself throughout the process. Taking on a negative outlook can prevent you from being truly productive and result in lower quality work.

Reward Yourself

Getting things done is no small feat. When a task feels uninteresting or difficult you might start to feel reluctant about doing it. Recognize your hard work by rewarding yourself when you accomplish a specific goal.

Take yourself out to breakfast, take a personal field trip, give back to the community or try that new yoga class you’ve been eyeing. Actively rewarding yourself after accomplishing a task will trick your brain into completing tasks more often. Even if they’re a bit daunting!

Break it Up

To avoid spending the majority of the time procrastinating, allot 60 minutes to working without distractions then take a 10 minute break. Becoming too enveloped in your work and take away a valuable perspective and detract from the quality of what you are doing.

Taking a quick stretch break can also help get the blood flowing to your brain and revitalize your creativity. Although avoiding work is not the answer, taking care of your mental health while working on something important has great long-term benefits.

Start Small

Simply putting a few words down on a page can be the catalyst needed for getting work in motion. Being overwhelmed with the possibilities of how to tackle the issue leaves holes for procrastination to seep in. Instead of becoming enveloped in the infinite ways something can be approached, invest in putting in some rough ideas, and then perfecting them.

Most importantly, remember that you are not alone in the struggle with procrastination. We hope this article helps you transform procrastination into fuel that helps you get it DONE.



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