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Top 5 Ways to Stick to an Exercise Regimen


Sticking to an exercise regimen can be nearly impossible when you’re balancing work, family, and friends. To help keep you on track and make working out seem less like work - we came up with five ways to stick to your exercise regimen.

1. Before the work week begins, map out your weekly workout plan on Sunday so you don’t have to decide which exercise activity to do on the spot. That way working out seems less spontaneous and more like a natural, everyday activity.

2. Prep everything you will need the night before, including your outfit, playlist, and workout snack. When your gym kit is ready to go, so will you!

3. Find a reliable workout buddy. Committing to a workout friend makes skipping out a lot harder to do.

4. Mark all forms of exercise (even the 15 minute walks) on your calendar. That way you get to see the rewards as you look back on your week. Feel empowered by your progress! It’ll only help you continue your workout regimen.

5. Remind yourself that you are on the path to wellness! By focusing on your health with even just 20 minutes of exercise, you’re improving your quality of life. By taking the time out of your busy schedule and obligations, you can commit to an exercise regimen that helps you relax, de-stress, and also feel the long term benefits. 



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