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Wellbeing success starts here

Getting started on a wellbeing journey can be a little intimidating. Employees may have specific goals, but determining which actions to take—in which order and for how long—is often confusing. Whether employees are just testing the waters or want to form a new healthy habit, Grokker walks them step by step toward success.

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Grokker Group Classes

With many employees struggling with the loss of access to fitness facilities, Grokker Group Classes combine access to expert classes with the sense of community that comes from building shared experiences. 

Users can choose from our extensive daily class schedule or create a class of their own by selecting any video from Grokker’s proprietary library of more than 4,000 expert-led classes, setting a time, and inviting others to join them. Reminder notifications and chat features keep the group engaged and enthused.



Clear instructions. Achievable results.

Engaging experts—selected for their knowledge, skill, and charisma—develop and lead every program. They ensure that content is clearly and carefully organized and delivered in a manner that is fun and easy to follow. Built-in progression ensures consistent advancement toward the end goal.


A plan for success

From activity duration to recommended schedules, programs provide employees with a start-to-finish plan to achieve their health and wellbeing goals. All employees have to do is enter when they want to start and how long they want the program to last. Grokker does the rest, automatically adding the chosen program to an employee’s calendar and sending reminders with direct links to that day’s episode.


Something for everyone

Whether your employees have five minutes or five months to work toward a goal, there’s a program that meets their needs. Short programs offer employees an immediate sense of accomplishment in seven days or less, while longer programs add structure, accountability, and an engaging way of tracking progress around an employee’s preferred style of workout.

Choose a complete program or individual episode covering any wellbeing topic: exercise, mental health, sleep, nutrition, and financial wellbeing. With new programs launching every month, there’s always something to engage and inspire you, no matter your interests.


Stay on track, wherever you are

Employees today are more mobile than ever before. But all that time away from home—for business or pleasure—can wreak havoc on wellbeing routines. Now Grokker can go along for the ride. Download up to five episodes on the app for anytime, anywhere wellbeing.


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