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Provide an end-to-end personalized experience: the right content delivered wherever and whenever your employees want, incentives and challenges that spark interest and increase usage, and options and feedback that are most relevant to each employee.

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Wellness Quiz

When your employees take our easy online wellness quiz, Grokker’s personalization algorithm recommends a unique program of content and activities designed to meet that individual’s goals based on their specific abilities and interests.



Content that drives health & happiness

With access to over 4,000 consumer-grade videos covering the entire health engagement and wellbeing spectrum, employees of any age, fitness level, and body type can craft a wellbeing program to meet their needs.



Individualized recommendations

As an employee engages with Grokker and completes activities, Grokker’s personalization algorithm recommends new content, programs, and challenges based on past choices and completions.

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Similar to music playlists, any employee can create and share their own collections of favorite Grokker content, accessible to the Grokker community.


Pro ToolKit

If groups or individuals have specific needs, goals, or topic requests, wellness coaches can create and deliver custom video content collections. Wellness coaches can also track participant performance.

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Your workforce has evolved — so should your employee wellbeing program

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