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    Recruiting & Retention

    3.5 Recruiting & Retention

    Recruiting & retention

    Benefits employees look for—and love

    Employee expectations have changed. Today’s top talent demands workplace benefits that make their lives easier. Top employers know that giving employees the resources to address key lifestyle areas—nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and financial wellbeing—is a great way to say, "We care!"

    With on-demand access to Grokker’s personalized tools and a wide variety of expert-led videos, programs, and challenges, your employees can enjoy their individual wellbeing journeys, bring their best selves to work, and feel good about you as their employer.

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    Increased Engagement

    3.5 Increased Engagement

    Increased Engagement

    Tools designed to inspire healthier lifestyles and drive meaningful connections

    Engaged employees care about what they do—and they feel happy, healthy, and productive. They know they’re valued contributors, working toward something "bigger" on the road to shared success.

    By giving your workforce the personalized wellbeing resources they need to feel their best across all areas of their lives, employees can enjoy the purpose, belonging, and balance they crave.

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    Cost Savings

    3.5 Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

    Exceptional value, proven results

    A single, one-stop-shop solution at an affordable price point, Grokker’s expansive library of over 4,000 videos covers all five dimensions of mind-body wellbeing—exercise, nutrition, mental health, sleep, and financial wellbeing—so you don’t need to invest in multiple apps to meet your employees’ content demands.

    What’s more, data-backed insights help you design effective wellbeing programs and drive long-term engagement. Grokker’s single dashboard features live anonymized data for real-time adoption and usage tracking, with location-based data visualizations and customizable reporting on targeted intervention areas.

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    Value on Investment (VOI)

    Value on Investment (VOI)

    Value on Investment (VOI)

    Measure what truly matters

    Finding value in your workforce wellbeing program requires thinking about ROI in a new way, factoring in the inherent value of a happy, healthy, productive workforce—and considering how a culture steeped in wellbeing serves your company’s recruitment, inclusivity, and engagement goals.

    Instead of relying on costly biometric screenings and participation incentives, give employees the tools to build happier and healthier lives. Grokker’s total health engagement solution delivers savings beyond wellbeing, making a real difference to both your employee experience and the bottom line.

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    Corporate Culture

    3.5 Corporate Culture

    Corporate Culture

    Alignment around health and wellness

    Today, an effective workforce culture fosters wellbeing. It gives employees permission to take care of themselves and supports the development of healthy habits inside and outside of the office.

    Think of Grokker as a building block of your wellbeing culture. If you create the type of environment employees want to work in and provide a human workplace with benefits that focus on each employee’s whole self, you’ll end up with healthier employees who take fewer sick days and show up to work ready to go.

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    Global Reach

    3.5 Global Reach

    Global Reach

    A scalable benefit that meets the needs of a dispersed workforce

    Today’s workforces are diverse and dispersed, with employees working everywhere from company headquarters to home-based offices. Employers need scalable benefits that are easily deployed, adapted to meet geographic and target population goals and preferences, and adopted enthusiastically by a wide range of people.

    Globally dispersed workforces and their dependents can access Grokker’s content and community from any connected computer, device, or streaming service. This allows them to engage whenever they want, wherever they want, including at home, in the office, or while traveling.


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