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Peer-to-peer encouragement, engagement, and support


Build a stronger workplace community 

Beginning a new wellbeing routine can be overwhelming. Don’t let self-doubt derail an employee’s best intentions. Provide a source of feedback and encouragement to help them along the way.

Trusted feedback and advice

If your wellbeing solution doesn’t offer online community support, employees are left to search for advice in unvetted spaces where amateur advice can pass as trusted counsel. Employees can get expert advice in the Q&A Café, rate, save, collect, comment on, and share videos, as well as tag and follow coworkers and wellbeing experts.

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John Doe


Individual controls for every employee

Ensure employees feel safe. Visibility settings let each employee be as private or as public as they want to be, with the option to opt out of the community completely while still maintaining access to the content they need to reach their goals.

Access to experts anytime, anywhere

With many wellbeing programs, participants don’t have “anytime, anywhere” access to their wellbeing advocates, including company ambassadors, nutritionists, personal trainers, or financial wellness coaches. The Grokker community provides the perfect forum for connecting with peers and more than 130 subject-matter health experts and instructors for guidance and advice.

Bring your remote employees into the fold

With live access to the Grokker community at any time of day or night, remote and on-the-road employees remain part of the team, generating much-needed camaraderie and support between colleagues no matter where they are located.

Rev up program and challenge engagement

Program managers, coaches, and advocates can leverage the Grokker community setting for custom team and individual challenges, flexible incentives, and dynamic expert motivation, driving a sense of personal achievement while encouraging coworkers to cheer each other on.

The Grokker Difference: Community

Connect your employees with global experts in the industry’s only wellbeing community

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