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Sparking positive change with employee health challenges


Employee motivation through health challenges and incentives

Whether creating a new habit or putting a stop to an old one, the majority of us have a hard time generating the self-motivation it takes to get started, let alone follow through. At Grokker, we’ve built motivation into everything we do so that you get a full suite of triggers and activities designed to inspire employees to make real change.

Hyper-personalized health challenges

Create challenges for every level and employee goal. Hundreds of on-demand fitness, mindfulness, finance, nutrition, and sleep programs make it easy to customize each challenge. In a recent survey, 97% of challenge participants said they would participate again, 86% became more engaged, 87% created sustainable healthy habits, and 70% reached their challenge goal.

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Create and deploy personalized quarterly or long-term challenges that generate excitement and friendly competition throughout your workforce. We’ll help you develop the perfect challenge based on your goals. Employees always have access to public challenges that are offered through the Grokker community.


Employees can compete against each other, teams can compete against other in-office teams, and entire offices or geographic locations can participate in location-based challenges. Grokker challenges are a great way to unite your remote workforce and build stronger teams.

Incentive programs

Voluntary incentive programs reward participants when goals are met. With Grokker you can track and reward any—or every—wellbeing activity, including outside activities with wearables devices such as Fitbit, iWatch, and Garmin.


Pick the incentive that fits your workforce and we’ll do the rest. You can choose from over 150+ gift card options, provide cash prizes and insurance reimbursement, or create custom incentives. Grokker’s incentive programs are proven to increase participant engagement by 67%.

The Grokker Difference: Engagement

Create long-term health and happiness by sparking motivation

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