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Enterprise companies trust Grokker to engage employees

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Care Circle 3

This is a uniquely stressful time for employees. We have a uniquely effective solution. 

Empower employees to find balance and connection through wellbeing while arming leadership with actionable insights with this 30-day program

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“Grokker is a program that scales globally for us so we’re able to promote the benefit to every office, which is a huge win for us!”

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Healthy happy employees

"This is fantastic! Perfect way to get grounded quickly."

Nicole H.

"I've improved 25% since the start. Nice!"

Dale T.

"I am loving this boot camp! It kicks my butt, but not so hard that I'll get discouraged."

Melissa G.

"Wow, I loved it. I had tightness in my back and these exercises helped it."

Fritz S.

"The meal ideas were so simple. I needed to simplify and not stress myself out. Thanks!"

Karla C.

"This was great … I am excited to continue watching this series."

Thomas G.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly - Wellbeing Trends


Wellbeing trends in the
pandemic-era workplace

Get the big picture from Grokker Innovation Labs’ 2021 research and actionable advice from wellbeing experts

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