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2022 Working Americans’ State of Stress Report  

We surveyed 1,100+ working Americans to understand how workers are experiencing stress, how it’s impacting their health and work, and what their employers are doing to help them manage it.


"I cut back my sugar intake when I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. It was hard at first but with Sue Mah's Sugar Reset it has become quite easy to look past high sugar foods."


— CVS Health

"This really helps me to calm down, de-stress, reduce my anxiety and enables me to visualize a way how to improve and grow that I'm really capable of doing. Thank you."


— G.E.

"I love that the videos are "doable" in less than 15 minutes...I am living with less pain, more energy, and sleeping better too!"


— Target

"I've lost 85 pounds! Today was my first day back in a year and a half and no one recognizes me because I've been using Grokker this whole time!"


— International Family Entertainment and Media Company

"Wow! This really took me on a journey and brought my anxiety way down."



"Got me back into yoga. Forgot how much I love it! Can’t wait to practice more and get better!"


— Delta Air Lines

Healthy happy employees

"This is fantastic! Perfect way to get grounded quickly."

Nicole H.

"I've improved 25% since the start. Nice!"

Dale T.

"I am loving this boot camp! It kicks my butt, but not so hard that I'll get discouraged."

Melissa G.

"Wow, I loved it. I had tightness in my back and these exercises helped it."

Fritz S.

"The meal ideas were so simple. I needed to simplify and not stress myself out. Thanks!"

Karla C.

"This was great … I am excited to continue watching this series."

Thomas G.


Worried about your workforce’s mental health?

So are we. That’s why we hosted a webinar of vital importance for top organizations seeking to bolster their employees’ mental health and wellbeing as the pandemic continues to challenge it. Thought leaders provided valuable insights on pandemic-era stress, its impact on productivity, and much more.  

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