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Healthy, happy, and engaged employees at companies of any size


HD videos, programs, and features delivered digitally on every device


Personalization, gamification, engagement, and communications tools


Community and connection for a more resilient corporate culture


Designed for success

Quick and easy to implement without IT support

Full launch kit includes communications templates and promotional materials

Ongoing engagement support with challenges, newsletters, and monthly campaign toolkits

Measure and report on your success in real-time

Choose the Grokker that's right for your workforce

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Global workforces can access 4000+ HD videos, 100+ exclusive programs  through browsers, iOS and Android device apps, and streaming services including Xfinity, Sky, Roku, and Amazon. New programs added monthly.

Unlimited access to full wellbeing library

All dimensions of wellness are integrated providing a personalized, holistic program, including fitness, yoga, mental health, nutrition, sleep and financial wellbeing

Fitness, mental health, nutrition, sleep and financial wellbeing

Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish spanish language videos

Foreign language content

Mobile-first, easy-access routines designed by Grokker’s top fitness experts. Each guided workout is less than 15 minutes and proven to deliver results. Simply follow a series of simple moves using body weight or dumbells, programmed and demonstrated by the world’s best fitness.

Daily workouts

Users may choose from the calendar of upcoming scheduled classes or create their own and invite friends to join them.

Group classes
Engagement & motivation

Quarterly  challenges engage and encourage the entire Grokker community in healthy competition and encouragement

Grokker-wide Challenges

Company challenges are available in two formats

Turnkey challenges 
Select from any one of our proven, easy-to-launch challenge templates for a fast and effective engagement program.

Custom challenges Employees can compete against each other, teams can compete against other in-office teams, or entire offices or geographic locations can participate in location-based challenges. Includes customer  communications strategy and reporting wrap-up.

Company Challenges

Incentive programs: Reward participants when goals are met. With Grokker you can track and reward any—or every—wellbeing activity, including outside activities with wearables devices such as Fitbit, iWatch, and Garmin. Available in two options:
Annual - one evergreen incentive program per year
Flex - one incentive program with up to 3 refreshes per year 

Incentive fulfillment: Pick the incentive that fits your workforce and we’ll do the rest. You can choose from over 150+ gift card options, provide cash prizes and insurance reimbursement, or create custom incentives. 

Incentive programs

Tracks user activity and personal records on their dashboard, providing visual feedback and encouragement to reinforce continued engagement.


Wellness minutes, achievements, personal records badges, triggers, rewards, and more reinforce new behaviors with fun, engaging interactions for both external reinforcement and self-accountability.


Grokker connects with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Garmin. Every activity minute tracked by a device earns one Wellness Minute, so employees can run, walk, cycle, swim, or hike their way to the next level.

Wearable devices

When users take our easy  3-5 minute online wellness quiz, Grokker’s personalization algorithm recommends a unique program of content and activities designed to meet that individual’s goals based on their specific abilities and interests.

Wellness quiz

As users continue to  engage with Grokker and complete activities, Grokker's personalization algorithm recommends new content, programs, and challenges based on past choices and completions.

Personalized recommendations

Every user has a personalized  calendar on their dashboard where they can view upcoming classes and track their progress. 

Reminders and notifications take the work out of wellbeing, and keeps users on track and engaged.

Calendar & notifications

Live access to the Grokker community at any time of day or night features “I Did This”, comments, and more.

Visibility settings let each employee be as private or as public as they want to be, with the option to opt out of the community completely while still maintaining access to the content they need to reach their goals.

Anytime, anywhere access to wellbeing advocates, such as company ambassadors, and Grokker experts including nutritionists, personal trainers, mental health experts, and financial wellness coaches.

Activity feed with individual privacy controls

Users can connect and communicate directly and securely with Grokker friends, internal coaches, and advocates with real-time notifications.

Privacy controls allow users to control who can message them or opt out completely.


Users can seek advice, pose questions, or assist their peers on a variety of wellbeing topics

Q&A Cafe community forum
Launch & management

Accessible directly from your management dashboard, the Grokker support portal provides full product documentation, instructional videos, and engagement ideas so you can get your program up and running and implement best practices in no time.

Online support portal

Launching your program is a snap with unlimited access to  onboarding documentation and videos, along with best practices guidelines and program inspiration. You also receive a launch playbook and marketing toolkit to make communicating your new Grokker program to employees easy and effective.

Grokker Business and Grokker Enterprise tiers include the guidance of an experienced Grokker Customer Success Manager, who will guide you through the launch process personally.

Launch kit & program manager onboarding

The Grokker dashboard provides the intuitive interface and capabilities needed to gain insight into program effectiveness, including enrollment, adoption, engagement, and achievements.

Real-time tracking and reporting allows you to manage all wellbeing program activity and data.

Built-in data visualization tools make it easy to uncover allows you to continuously improve your program.

Real-time, meaningful metrics present a clear and accurate picture of your progres..

Dashboard, metrics and reporting

Grokker's annual wellness calendar includes monthly themes, engagement ideas, and recommended programs coordinated to match the seasonal holidays and conditions.

Monthly playbooks provide timely engagement ideas, new program announcements, product updates and other resources to keep your program on-track in realtime.


Annual wellness calendar and monthly playbook

When groups or individuals have specific needs, goals, or topic requests, your wellness coaches can create and deliver custom video content collections and track participant performance.


Grokker's Customer Success Team provides a customized plan for program success based on your specific needs, company culture, other ongoing programs, and goals.

Custom engagement plan

From open enrollment to other seasonal events, on-site launch events drive signups and adoption. A Grokker Customer Success Manager will provide the promotional materials, guidance and enthusiasm that will make your launch a memorable and efficient one.

Onsite launch promotions

Want to bring some relaxation to the workplace with meditation or yoga? Is your company filled with foodies? Grokker experts will provide custom sessions in-person and online. 

Onsite & virtual expert-led sessions

Our customer success team works with you throughout the year to make sure that your wellbeing program caters to your whole workforce. Quarterly business reviews highlight what's working and areas for increased focus.

Designated Customer Success Manager

A deep dive into the metrics that matter most to you. From adoption, engagement and participation to end-user feedback, theme and topic performance, and recommended areas for further improvement.

Custom annual engagement survey

Add your logo to the Grokker experience


Integrate your corporate Single Sign-On technology with Grokker for easy employee access

Single sign-on

Integrate Grokker into your existing health risk assessment programs, biometric screenings, and coaching services. Incorporate Grokker’s wide variety of expert-led content into your benefits navigation platform in less than 30 days without IT resources or third-party tools, content, or programs.

Platform integration

Small & Mid-size companies

100 - 9,999  employees

Available for purchase
Available for purchase
30 min. live manager training
Available for purchase

Enterprise Companies

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10,000 or more employees


I am a mid-size business with more than 250 employees, do I get a discount?

Our Small & mid-size plan offers volume discounts which are calculated and applied at checkout so you can see how low your cost really is.

100 - 250 employees: $65/User/Year
251 - 1000 employees: $48/User/Year
1,001 - 2,500 employees: $34/User/Year
2,501 - 9,999 employees: contact us for special pricing

For enterprises with 10,000 or more  employees, contact us to learn how you can benefit from even greater savings.

How do I choose which plan is best for my company?

For small and mid-size companies under 10,000 employees who need a wellbeing benefit that also provides tracking, analytics and reporting, Grokker for Small & Mid-size Companies is the perfect fit. Along with Grokker's complete HD video content and feature set. you get the Grokker dashboard where you can track adoption, usage, and more, all leveraging anonymized user data for privacy. It includes a 30-minute live onboarding training session, challenges and other features are available for purchase.

For businesses of 10,000 or more global employees who are looking to reduce the cost of multiple wellness point-solutions or increase engagement with an existing benefits navigation platform, Grokker Enterprise is the industry gold standard. With Grokker Enterprise,  your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you craft a wellbeing program that fits your exact needs. Along with a custom engagement plan, company-wide and business unit challenges, onsite promotions, and more, Grokker Enterprise integrates with health risk assessment programs, biometric screenings, and coaching services to augment existing programs and drive healthy outcomes.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of employees I can sign up?

The minimum purchase for  Grokker Small & Mid-Size companies is 100 employees, with a maximum of 9,999.

For 10,000 employees or more, you will benefit from the expanded services and lower per-person cost of Grokker Enterprise, with no limitation to the number of employees covered. Contact us to learn more.

What if I have fewer than 100 employees?

You can provide access to 1 - 99 users by purchasing individual memberships at


What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently offer 2 purchase options, all powered by PayPal's secure checkout:

Debit or Credit Card - Check out as a guest with your credit or debit cardt, no PayPal membership required

PayPal Account - checkout quickly, easily and securely using your PayPal account

What happens after I sign up?

Grokker Small & Mid-size customers will receive an email within one business day of payment processing confirmation with all of the information listed above and a link to schedule their live program manager training.

Grokker Enterprise customers will be contacted within one day by their dedicated Customer Success Manager who will schedule a time to introduce themselves and walk you through setup and onboarding.
What if my employees have questions about using Grokker?

Your employees have access to full customer support, which can be found in the Grokker Help Center at or by simply clicking the Help Center link found on the Grokker app.

What if I have questions about managing Grokker?

Grokker Small & Mid-size customers have access to the full online customer support portal where they can browse or search on topics.

Grokker Enterprise customers also have access to the full online customer support portal or may contact their Grokker Customer Success representative.

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