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Recent Posts by Corrie Mieszczak

As Grokker's Senior Content and Communications Manager, Corrie makes sure the company's internal and external customers have the marketing materials they need to succeed. She stays healthy by getting lots of sleep and staying active with her two kids.

Pinterest Strengthens Corporate Culture with Global Wellbeing Benefits

Pinterest has employees around the globe, but they all share a focus on whole-person wellbeing. Whether they're working in San Francisco, CA, or Ireland, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, or Canada, they have the opportunity to participate in the company's Beingwell workforce wellbeing program and explore the tenets of mind, body, community, and financial wellness.

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LuckyVitamin: Nourishing a Culture of Wellbeing from the Inside-Out

LuckyVitamin, an e-commerce company supplying over 38,000 natural and organic products to customers around the globe, is truly “walking the talk” of workforce wellbeing. With a mission to support anyone — including their employees — on their journey toward happy wellness, they promote and enable the pursuit of wellbeing in all that they do.

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HR Tech 2019 Conference: Grokker’s Workforce Wellbeing Tech Recap

If you’re an HR leader interested in soaking up all-things workforce and technology, the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is where you’ll want to be this week. But if you didn’t make the trip to this year’s HR Tech Conference and you’re hungry for the latest and greatest in the area of workforce wellbeing technology, we’ve got you covered: Grokker is here to share the top insights we’re taking away from each day of the event. 

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Tune Into GrokkerTV!

There’s never been a more dynamic time to be an HR leader: Opportunities for innovation and progress abound. The workforce is becoming more diverse and dispersed every day. Technology is changing the way we communicate and deliver benefits. Getting HR “right” is now a strategic imperative that can make or break an organization’s position in its marketplace. 

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10 Things Your Employees Want in Their Workforce Wellbeing Program

Did you know that 61% of employees are more likely to accept a job with a new employer — and 59% are likely to remain loyal to their current employer —  if health and wellbeing benefits are offered? What’s more, 55% have left jobs in the past because they found better benefits or perks elsewhere. Since your employee recruiting, retention, and engagement efforts depend on a winning workforce wellbeing program, you need to know what top talent expects in a solution — and where your program might fall short. Let’s go!

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Stat Roundup: Employee Burnout and Stress (Updated 5/11/20 with COVID-19 impact stats)

Deloitte reports that over three-quarters of full-time US professionals have experienced employee burnout at their current job. And the American Institute of Stress has published that job stress costs US employers over $300 billion annually as a result of absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, and more. But since the COVID-19 outbreak, these numbers are rising. ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals 70% of Americans report personal stress as a result of the coronavirus crisis, exceeding the highest level of stress caused by the Great Recession (61% in March 2009). And according to a SHRM survey, work-related concerns left more than 40% of employees feeling hopeless, burned out or exhausted as they grapple with lives altered by COVID-19. 

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3 Workforce Wellbeing Takeaways from the TBGH 2019 Regional Benefits Forums

I recently attended the Texas Business Group on Health (TBGH)’s 2019 Regional Benefits Forums in San Antonio and Houston. Aside from taking advantage of the great opportunity to meet face-to-face with a number of employee benefits professionals from the Lone Star State, I was able to soak in the many insights shared during the educational sessions.  

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Introducing GrokTalk, Grokker’s New Communications Feature

Social interaction has been shown in numerous research studies to have a direct impact on personal wellbeing. In fact, 48% of healthcare leaders say that virtual social support is the most effective means of sustaining behavior change required for wellness promotion. But even from the conventional wisdom point of view, a supportive community makes an employee’s wellbeing journey more fun, motivating, and effective. 

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5 Tried and True Ways to Make Your Workforce Wellbeing Program More Fun

Grokker’s Founder and CEO, Lorna Borenstein, recently sat down for a webinar with Jae Kullar, Delta Air Line’s Manager of Health & Wellbeing. While exploring the various components of a truly successful, engaging, and employee-first workforce wellbeing program, they focused much of their conversation around “what’s worked” exceptionally well for Delta’s global employee base.

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What it Takes to Achieve Real Value from Your Workforce Wellbeing Program

Here’s a startling stat from the CDC: 6 in 10 U.S. adults have a chronic disease and 4 in 10 have two or more. It’s not a stretch to suggest that about half of your workforce is actively managing a serious health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease. But don’t forget about “everybody else” who lives with a combination of engagement-zapping high stress, sleeplessness, poor nutrition, and insufficient physical activity. 

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[Infographic] The 5 Pillars of an Effective Employee Wellbeing Solution

You want your employees to be happy and healthy, right? Of course you do! This means your health and wellness program needs to keep them motivated, inspired, and consistently taking small steps towards big lifestyle changes so they feel their best.

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Full Speed Ahead: Grokker Takes Home 3 Industry Awards in 1Q19

Grokker is off to a running start! We’ve been working hard to ensure our workforce wellbeing solution meets the needs of today’s employees and their HR leaders — and industry movers and shakers are taking notice. We're thankful and proud. It’s certainly an exciting time to serve the HR marketplace with cutting-edge technologies that engage employees and make it easy for them to feel their best. 

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Caring For Remote Employees

Many organizations continue to work in remote and hybrid models as the pandemic winds down, but many employees, when given the option to return to work, would actually prefer to continue working remotely. Our new guide, Taking Care of Remote Employees: The Key To Business Success Beyond the Pandemic, gives you actionable steps to ensure that your employees feel supported no matter where they are working. 

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